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Economy Now & Next?

Screening Oeconomia (2020), 16.2.2023, Molkerei Friedrichshain

How does something become more if debts increase at the same time? How does profit actually come about? The cameras wander through glass buildings in Frankfurt and Switzerland and yet it’s hard to take a look inside. With questions that seem almost childish, documentary filmmaker Carmen Losmann gets top-class experts like the former chief economist of Deutsche Bank, the former chief economist of the European Central Bank and the chief financial officer of BMW to ponder. Almost 90% of all money is pure book money. Money created out of nothing by the financial system. It promotes a growth that bears no relation to reality, neither to the commodity economy nor to ecological reality. A well-known narrative of the critique of capitalism. Actually it’s no surprise.

So why should we watch this movie? What is special about Losmann's documentary are the straight questions as well as the almost clinical-looking tonality, which brings together economics, ecology and politics. Sounds a bit dry at times. Nevertheless, Losmann manages to undress her interview partners in an entertaining way. She succeeds not least because she follows an intuition that opens up economics to a broad audience through language and form and allows them to participate. A bit like "Financial Criticism for Dummies", but just as readable as an invitation for a new version of economy.

The screening and discussion will take place on 16 February 2022 at the Molkerei in Berlin Friedrichshain. It will be moderated in German and hosted by members of Neue Allianzen. Admission starts at 7 pm. This is a non-commercial event. Due to capacity limits we kindly ask for registration by e-mail to the following adress 

Oeconomia, D 2020
Director, Screenplay: Carmen Losmann.
Camera: Dirk Lütter.
Editing: Henk Drees, Carmen Losmann.
Distributor: Neue Visionen, 89 min.


  • Screening on Februar 16 2023
  • Molkerei, Niederbarnimstraße 10, 10247 Berlin
  • Entrance starts from 19.00 Uhr, movie start 19.30 Uhr